Thai Tea Suwirun

We source our tea from Thai Tea Suwirun plantations based about a 30 minute drive from the little town of Chiang Rai. In July 2016 we visited one of their 4 plantations to meet up with Jaruwan Kawee the daughter of the founder and Marketing Manager. The plantation was unusual because it is on flat land and not on a side of a hill. This was controversial but 40 years on the high sunshine hours and sandy soils have given good harvests and proved the experts wrong. Tea loves a big change in diurnal temperature. At the plantation there is usually a 10-degree change. The plantation we visited was the original  site which in itself has expanded over the last 40 years. Three other plantations are nearby.



Suwirun has 280 employees mainly from Myanmar on the planation that we visited.  This plantation produces approximately 1000 tonnes of tea from 7 harvests a year.  



Working in the field



The plantation is essentially self-sufficient with cattle, chickens, rice, vegetables and fish ponds that feed the workers who live on the plantation.  Nearly all of the herbal tea ingredients are grown on the plantation. They are organically certified by One Cert International and the Department of Agriculture has granted Thai Tea Suwirun “Organic Thailand Agriculture Standards Certification”.

 Organic certification


Thai Tea Suwirun maintain a focus of providing knowledge about tea to local farmers, and encouraging more farmers to start growing tea organically. They have been selected by the Thai Government as “Organic Tea Plantation Example” within the province of Chiang Rai. (Northern Thailand). Thai Tea Suwirun maintain a focus of providing knowledge about tea to local farmers, and encouraging more farmers to start growing tea organically.   They use different herbs and flowers to combat pests. The fertiliser is made on the plantation using a fermented process that includes 4000 eggs.


Spraying Organic fertiliser

They are always developing new products to bring to market. They grow, process and supply quality organic tea leaves from more than 32 cultivars of Camellia sinensis. Their teas are divided into groups including black, green,oolong and now branching into herbal .

Herbal Garden

A herbal garden with Pandan, Lemon Grass, Ginger and other goodies


All of the tea is processed on site.

Thai Tea Suwirun applies the most up-to-date manufacturing processes with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO9001: V 2000 standard instruments and mechanics to ensure the best quality tea. Thai Tea Suwirun meets European and International requirements for food hygiene - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). In addition they have been certified as “Halal” by the Central Islamic Council of Thailand and are one of only 223 companies in the Thai food and agricultural industry allowed to carry the Thailand Trust Mark - an endorsement of selected high quality products from Thailand. The Thailand Trust Mark was created under the Royal Thai Government, through the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce. 

The scale of the processing operation

The final product


From Tea leaf to Oolong Tea


Plantation tea shop

Jaruwan and her sister giving us a taste of their tea at the on site tea shop. Their main tea shop is in Chiang Rai.

They also gave us a delicious lunch with each dish having some tea in it. Macha tea noodles, tempera tea leaves, tea curry, tea salad and Macha Ice cream to name a few.



Delicious food made from tea